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Research Interests

Gravitational Waves
Numerical Relativity
Neutron Stars
Black Holes
Accretion Disks
Relativistic Astrophysics

Group Membership

Group members

Nikolaos Stergioulas, Prof.

George Pappas, Assist. Prof.

Panagiotis Iosif, PhD student

Gkratsia Tantilian, PhD student

Lazaros Souvaitzis, MSc student

Stamatis Vretinaris, MSc student

Kimon Zagkouris, MSc student

Ioannis Koutalios, BSc student

Maria Krikeli, BSc student

Aristeidis Nikolaidis, BSc student

Argiro Sasli, BSc student

Georgios Vretinaris, BSc student

Maria Zioga, BSc student

Recent members

Telemachos Athanasiadis (University of Bonn)
Andreas Bauswein (GSI Darmstadt)
Gabriele Bozzola (University of Arizona)
Anastasia Eythymiadou (University of Bath)
Kiki Dionysopoulou (University of Southampton)
Panagiota Kolitsidou (Cardiff University)
Georgios Lioutas (GSI Darmstadt)
Konstantinos Palapanidis (University of Southampton)
Theodoros Soultanis (University of Heidelberg)
Evaggelos Stoikos (University of Texas at Dallas)
Christos Vourelis (University of Heidelberg)
Georgios Valogiannis (Cornell University)

Research funding

The group's activities are currently funded by:


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