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Group members

Nikolaos Stergioulas, Prof.

Argiris Koumtzis, BSc student

Argiro Sasli, BSc student

Gkratsia Tantilian, PhD student

Ioanna Tsina, BSc student (visiting from U. of Strathclyde)

Maria Zioga, BSc student

Maria Krikeli, BSc student

Nikolaos Tryfonidis, PhD student

Panagiotis Iosif, PhD student

Panagiota Kolitsidou, BSc student

Stamatis Vretinaris, MSc student

Theorodos Soultanis, MSc student

Research Interests

Gravitational Waves

Numerical Relativity

Neutron Stars

Black Holes

Accretion Disks

Relativistic Astrophysics


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MSc Theses
Research funding

The group's activities are currently funded by:
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